Naturwälder – Schatzkisten heimischer Artenvielfalt

To enjoy head tracked 3D Audio for headphones on mobile devices, make sure to open the video in your youtube app instead of your browser.

A VR Dokumentary about natural forests featuring a Spatial Audio Soundtrack with headtracking. Shot in August 2020 at Nature Reserve Island of Vilm and Hainich National Park.

Produced for Oculus Quest for use at the Botanic Gardens Kiel

Starring: Prof. Dr. Hannes Knapp
Script, Direction: & Production Sandra Jütte
Director of Photography: Hauke Wullf
Video Postproduction: Niklas Wiendböcker & Max Gausepol
Production Sound: Johannes Ott, Marta Denker & Yat Fung Wong
Music: Yat Fung Wong
Spatial Mixing & Sound Design: Johannes Ott